Web Design Ideas And More To Get You Goin


The process of putting together ideas, arranging them aesthetically and ensuring they are implemented while under the rules of specific guidelines is called design. Hence, web design is an equal process of creative implementation, carried out with the aim of showcasing the created idea on web pages, which can be accessed by end users using a Web browser while connected to the Internet.

There are various features of web design, that use the same primary visual features as every alternate type of design. Below are the main features as outlined by an seo manchester and web design pro of a quality web design.

Features of Web Design

Colour Choice

A very important feature of Web design, and the colours used can ultimately determine the purpose and the clientele of the design. Colour choice could range from multiple coloured design to a simple white and black design depending on the purpose of the website and the brand.

The Layout

Ben Orson is the head of web development for this environmental drilling company and this commercial paving business and says “In web designing the primary aim is to assist the end users locate the information being sought in one glance. Hence, the layout of a website is vital, this is how the text, graphics and ad placement are ordered, in a consistent and balanced way.”

Use of Fonts

Peter Jones runs the website for a bathroom radiators store online and this assisted living chicago service and notes “Majority of web browsers have the ability to only understand a selected group of fonts, so in web design it is essential to use fonts within that selected group. A variety of fonts maximally enhances the design of a site.”

Use of Graphics

For end user easy usability graphics on a page need to be arranged properly and appropriately. The graphics which could include pictures, icons, cliparts and logos, must all be placed in order, aiding the colour and purpose of the website. To prevent the page from loading slowly or looking congested, proper arrangement in the web design process is essential.

Relevant Content

Relevant content is an important part of a web design, this is because irrelevant content on a site can throw off your end users or confuse them. So it is important that there is a quality blending between the content and the design. Another aspect of content is that it should be geared towards search engines by utilizing appropriate keywords.

End User Usability

Ben Clooney runs the website for this concierge london business and this waterfall taps store and says “Looking beyond the features of a web design, that enhance the site and make it attractive visually and beautiful, a website must put in mind easy user usability.”

Here are the following guidelines for achieving a user friendly design.

Navigation Tools

With the aim to help end users browse the site without stress, the architecture of the site, the menus and every other navigation have to be designed considering the end users. This is to ensure navigation is completely user friendly.

Browser Compatibility

Peter Sampson runs the web design for this luxury scented candles store and these turf suppliers and recommends “A web design should be carried out to ensure it performs very well on various browsers and OS, this is to increase the amount of viewers that can access your site.”

Multimedia Use

Quality use of audio and video on a site can aid end users to understanding the message of the site and encourage them to stay on the site.

Technological Advancements

Making use of current technology in your design process, keeps your web design up to date and gets your end users interactive with your site.


Quality web design is an integration of these features and guidelines that ensure end users access and navigate a website both in ease and pleasure.